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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the drug classification of insulin?

They can be classified into two categories, namely insulin injection and antidiabetic drugs Insulin injection lowers blood glucose level by supplementing the insulin of diabetic patients. Insulin injection can be used in both Type I and Type II diabetes. The injection will usually be used with antidiabetic drugs when treating Type II diabetes.

Is semglee insulin the same as Lantus?

Yes, for all practical purposes, Semglee is equivalent to Lantus. Unlike generic drugs, which share the exact same chemical composition as their pricier brand-name counterparts, biosimilar products like Semglee are “highly similar” duplicates of the reference brand name product (Lantus, in this case).

Is NovoLog 70 30 a long acting insulin?

Typically taken twice a day, NovoLog ® Mix 70/30 is a premixed insulin that works in 2 ways to help adults control blood sugar. It is a mix of a rapid-acting insulin to help control mealtime spikes in blood sugar and an intermediate-acting insulin that works up to 24 hours to help control blood sugar between meals.

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