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Frequently Asked Questions

Should insulin glargine be dosed once or twice daily?

Insulin Glargine is recommended as a once-daily basal insulin. We report a patient in whom nocturnal administration of Glargine was associated with significant morning hypoglycemia despite titration of insulin dose. Changing the Glargine regimen to morning administration did not result in improvement. However, changing to a twice-daily regimen of Glargine resulted in the resolution of the hypoglycemia.

What is the classification of insulin?

There are multiple types of insulin available. The four main types are: rapid-acting insulin; regular-acting or short-acting insulin; intermediate-acting insulin; long-acting insulin

Is Lantus and Basaglar dosing the same?

The dose of BASAGLAR should be the same as Lantus. The time of day for administration should be determined by the healthcare professional. From Toujeo® (insulin glargine injection) 300 units/mL. The recommended initial BASAGLAR dosage is 80% of the Toujeo dose that is being discontinued.

Where can I find affordable insulin?

You can buy insulin at Walmart for $25 per vial, but these insulin options are not the same as today's newer insulins. Here is what you need to know. Everything You Need to Know About Walmart Insulin | Diabetes Strong

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