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Frequently Asked Questions

Should insulin glargine be dosed once or twice daily?

Insulin Glargine is recommended as a once-daily basal insulin. We report a patient in whom nocturnal administration of Glargine was associated with significant morning hypoglycemia despite titration of insulin dose. Changing the Glargine regimen to morning administration did not result in improvement. However, changing to a twice-daily regimen of Glargine resulted in the resolution of the hypoglycemia.

What is the drug classification of insulin?

They can be classified into two categories, namely insulin injection and antidiabetic drugs Insulin injection lowers blood glucose level by supplementing the insulin of diabetic patients. Insulin injection can be used in both Type I and Type II diabetes. The injection will usually be used with antidiabetic drugs when treating Type II diabetes.

What drug class is Lantus insulin?

Lantus basics and classification Lantus is classified as a long-acting insulin. It contains the active drug insulin glargine, which is a biologic drug. Biologic drugs are made from parts of living...

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