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Frequently Asked Questions

Does revitive help plantar fasciitis?

While the REVITIVE was not necessarily designed for plantar faciitis, that does not mean that it will not help you with it. The REVITIVE is a clinically proven form of physical therapy that will help boost circulation in the lower legs, ankles and feet. The REVITIVE uses electro muscle stimulation to cause contractions in the calf muscles.

Are plantar fasciitis and flat feet the same thing?

Plantar fasciitis is not the same thing as heel spurs and flat feet, but they are related and often confused. Most people bounce back from plantar fasciitis with a little rest, arch support ( regular shoe inserts or just comfy shoes), and maybe some stretching. But not everyone: plantar fasciitis can be more stubborn than a cat that wants out.

Does arch support help plantar fasciitis?

The arch of the foot helps bear and distribute the weight of the body while also absorbing shock created by the forces of walking and other weight-bearing activities. Many people with plantar fasciitis also have a low arch, or flat feet. Supporting the arch is important to reduce the stress across the plantar fascia and its attachment points.

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