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Frequently Asked Questions

What is India's cricket schedule for 2022?

As per 2022 India cricket schedule, the year begins with India’s tour to South Africa for Test and ODI series. Next, West Indies will tour India in February for ODI / T20 series. Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and South Africa will also tour subsequently in the following months for bilateral series.

How many T20Is will India play in 2023?

India will kickstart the neay year 2023 with white-ball matches vs neighbours Sri Lanka. They will play 3 T20Is and ODIs each against the island nation. After Sri Lanka's tour of India, New Zealand will come to India for a limited overs series.

Which countries will host India in 2023?

The 2023 season starts with New Zealand hosting India for the ODI, T20 and Test series. As per updated India cricket schedule, India will host New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Australia and South Africa this year. The IPL will have a late start in March with anticipated final in June 2023.

Will team India tour West Indies in 2022?

INDIAN TEAM’S SCHEDULE FOR 2022 Team India will not have a very relaxed 2022 in terms of the tours and international games they have to play after 2021 when they will be on their toes continuously. The men in blue will host West Indies from January for a three-match ODI series and 3 match T20s.

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