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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I estimate my green card date?

Estimate My Green Card Date 1 Visit the My Green Card Estimate App here. 2 Enter your country of birth and employment-based GC category. You can leave the options as default. 3 Click the ‘ Estimate My GC Date ‘ button and see the visa bulletin that may get you the Green card.

Can an Indian get a green card in his/her lifetime?

Unless the US Immigration law is changed, to remove country-based GC limits with a law like S386, there is no real possibility of any Indian joining the EB2 Green card queue, to get a Green card in his/her lifetime. To circumvent this 150-year wait, your Adult US citizen child can sponsor you once he/she turns 21.

What happens when my green card priority date is reached?

Once the final action date in your green card preference level and chargeability area reaches your priority date, your priority date will be considered “current,” and you will be able to adjust your status or go through consular processing to obtain your green card.

What is the wait time for green card in EB2 India?

EB2 India Predictions for Green card is average of 20 years with worst case as 151 years wait time. 2879 GC issued to EB2 India in 2017-18 counted separately for each person. EB2 Priority Date Sep 2019 – Employment Based. EB1 India has been moved to ‘Unauthorized’ status in Sep while it was at 1-Jan-15 in Aug 2019.

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