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Frequently Asked Questions

Is John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on HBO?

John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on HBO is a stellar last night talk show. These are the episodes that fans feel are the cream of the crop. HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is currently one of the most loved late-night shows.

How long did John Oliver host the Daily Show?

After hosting The Daily Show (1996) for eight weeks, John Oliver's reviews were so overwhelmingly positive that he was offered a job by HBO to do a weekly talk show, which they were not planning to do until they saw Oliver host. John Oliver - Host: The point is. It is illegal in Great Britain to use video footage of Parliament for comedic purposes.

Who is John Oliver?

Blank Void … Voice Over … Puppeteer … Jared Kushner … Dancing Zebra … Cat Puppeteer … Wanda Jo … Lenny … Self … Cypto Currency Investor … CEO … Puppeteer … With his insightful wit and fearless candor, comedian John Oliver, formerly of the The Daily Show (1996), reviews the crazy current affairs happening in America and around the world.

What is the John Oliver effect?

Over the past seven seasons, the show has entertained viewers weekly by giving an in-depth satirical look at the world around them. Importantly, the show has also birthed the so-called " John Oliver Effect ," to explain the show's sometimes incredible cultural impact.

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