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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICICI Bank Multi wallet card?

This card enables you to manage your allowance/reimbursement needs and can be used to make purchases on selected merchant categories configured against the wallet. ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card - A holistic payment solution specially designed for corporates to make their payments/disbursement experience simpler and faster.

What is ICICI Bank meal card?

The card can be used like any debit card or credit card at any Food & Beverage point-of-sale terminal where Visa cards are accepted. The ICICI Bank Meal Card Programme, backed by the international reputation and extensive network of Visa, is a user-friendly and convenient method of disbursing meal allowances to employees on a monthly basis.

How does the meal allowance card work?

Not only does it distribute meal allowances seamlessly, but with the user-friendly Internet-based query-and-reporting tool, it also enables effective monitoring of expenses and management of costs. The card member shall use the card only for food, beverages and ready-to-eat items at eating joints.

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