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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to check the goalie in ice hockey?

The answer is no. In fact, the rules of ice hockey expressly forbid the checking of a goalie. You are not allowed to do anything to a goalie that could impede them from protecting the goal. The referees can be pretty harsh about enforcing this rule too, particularly in amateur ice hockey.

What side does the goalie start in in hockey?

You can start at the left side, move to the top of the crease, and then to the right. Back and forth and back and forth. This is will help you with your mobility.

How do you break in a hockey goalie glove?

How do NHL goalies break in their gloves? Hot Water Method The point of this is to slowly heat up the high-density foams that make up the break and outside region of your glove’s palm. After a minute’s passed, flip the glove and let the water run through the cuff and interior lining for the same duration.

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