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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Urdu love phrases?

Urdu Love Phrases: Aap khubsurat hain. ➔ You are beautiful. Aapki bahut yaad aa rahi hai. ➔ I miss you. App bohat khoobsorat hain. ➔ You are very handsome. App khoobsorat lag rahi hain. ➔ You look gorgeous. App ki muskurahat khubsurat hay. ➔ Your smile is beautiful. Bohat handsome lag rahey ho. ➔ You are looking very handsome.

How to make someone feel special in Urdu?

By giving a single like and lovely comment, you can make them feel special. Learn some common Urdu love words and respond with confidence and sweetheart. The English phrase “I love you” has long been recognized as one of the most powerful words capable of changing one’s life.

Should I learn Urdu for my loved ones?

Urdu words elicit feelings of compassion and affection. Urdu is Pakistan's national language; therefore, your loved ones must speak Urdu if they are Pakistani. On the other hand, learning their language can let you comprehend better and show that locals that you are deeply devoted to starting a lasting connection with them.

How to say I've Got a crush on you in Urdu?

You’re so handsome. تم بہت خوبصورت ہو. Ladies, this phrase lets your Urdu love know how much you appreciate his looks! Don’t be shy to use it; men like compliments too. I’ve got a crush on you. Main tumhara dewana hoon. If you like someone, but you’re unsure about starting a relationship, it would be prudent to say this.

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