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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say he is dead in French?

And here I am your French specialist : ) The first, to say He is dead, use, Subject + verb + adjective: Il est mort. (He is dead. or, Elle est morte. She is dead.) The second, to say She died, use, Subject + conjugated verb (passe compose with the verb etre): Il est mort. / She est morte. (He died.

What are some examples of dying?

He's dying. Il est mourant. He died last year. Il est mort l'année dernière. → He died last night. → The plants all died in the drought. → My mother died of a heart attack. → I was dying of boredom. I'm dying of thirst. Je meurs de soif. She's dying of cancer. Elle est en train de mourir du cancer. → I'm dying for a breath of fresh air.

What does mourir mean in French?

Updated September 06, 2019. Mourir ("to die, die out, die away, die down") is an irregular French -ir verb, meaning that it doesn't follow regular conjugation patterns.

What is the difference between “He died” and “he is dead”?

“He died” could be translated as “Il mourut”, while “He is dead” could be translated as “Il est mort”. Or both could be translated as “Il est mort”. Or “he died” could be translated as “sa mort” (e.g. “until he died”: “jusqu’à sa mort”). There are contexts where you can say it differently, and others where you can’t.

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