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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up ticket tool discord bot?

Here’s how you can set up Ticket Tool Discord bot on your server. 1. To get started, first open the Ticket Tool website and click on the Login option at the top right corner. Then log in using your Discord account credentials. 2.

What is the difference between discord and tickets?

Support via Discord allows you to improve your quality of service and response times. Tickets provides various Ticket Tools as a part of its functionality, such as ticket panels (reaction to open a ticket), ticket logs, canned responses and a web UI for easier management, featuring live web chat.

What are discord system messages?

What are Discord System Messages? Discord System Messages are official messages that we send to alert you of an account issue. These Messages can range from a variety of Payment issues, Support Ticket Updates, and ToS Violation Warnings. There are few ways to confirm that the message you're receiving is really from Discord:

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