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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make foundation paper piecing?

How to Foundation Paper Piece Foundation Paper Piecing Step 1: Copy the Foundation Step 2: Cut and Prepare Fabric Step 3: Prepare Your Sewing Machine Step 4: Trim and Sew Step 5: Trim to Size Step 6: Sew the paper pieced units together That's it! Just follow these steps and you will be foundation paper piecing like I pro.

How do you sew an ARC Foundation paper?

Working with the marked side of the arc foundation paper up, sew on the stitching line through all layers, extending the stitching past the beginning and end of the line by a few stitches (Diagram 1 and Photo A). 7. Press the rectangles open, pressing the seam toward the red rectangle (Diagram 2 and Photo B).

How do I place a foundation paper on a cross stitch?

Place a foundation paper atop the layered rectangles, positioning it so that the rectangles' aligned edges are 1⁄4" beyond the stitching line between positions 1 and 2 and at least 1⁄4" beyond the foundation's top and bottom stitching lines (Diagram 1). To check placement, pin on the line between positions 1 and 2, then flip the red rectangle open.

How do you remove foundation paper from a quilt?

TIP: If you've used foundation paper, it helps to start in the center of the block to remove it. Spritzing the paper lightly with water will soften it and help in removal. Running a pin or the tip of a seam ripper along the stitching line makes the paper easier to remove, too.

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