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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a dashboard in Excel?

For you to be able to create your dashboard in Excel, you have to import your data first. You can either copy and paste the data directly or use an external app to pass the data in real-time. Then, set up an Excel table with the raw data on another tab. With an Excel table, you will be able to name your rows, columns, and cells however you like.

How do I create a dashboard with raw data?

Name your first tab (the one that has all of your raw data on it) with something you’ll readily recognize—such as “Data” or “Raw Data.” Then, create a second tab labeled “Chart Data.” That tab is where you’ll store only the data that needs to be fed into different charts for the dashboard.

How do I share my dashboard?

Once your dashboard is created, we’ll show you how to share it with people by creating a Microsoft Group. We also have an interactive Excel workbook that you can download and follow these steps on your own. Download the Excel Dashboard tutorial workbook. You can copy and paste data directly into Excel, or you can set up a query from a data source.

How do I add interactivity to an Excel dashboard?

Adding interactivity to a pure Excel dashboard can be challenging, and usually requires Macros (or VBAs), the programming language used within Excel. However, if you add the charts and dashboard components you create in Excel to PowerPoint, you can easily add an interactive element.

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