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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a registered agent in Florida?

How to Become a Registered Agent in Florida To become a registered agent in Florida as an individual or business entity, you must: Be over the age of 18. Have a street address in Florida.

Do I need to have a Florida registered agent?

Florida requires a registered agent and a registered office for every corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and limited partnership that is either organized in Florida (a domestic entity) or organized in another state, territory, or country and that conducts business in Florida (a foreign entity). This includes entities that own real estate in Florida or own a mortgage on Florida real estate.

Should you hire a registered agent?

The simple answer is that you should hire a registered agent. Doing it yourself may seem like a good option. Still, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional registered agent to handle matters for you. You must understand that a registered agent’s task is an ongoing one and involves a lot of work.

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