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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of graph?

The term origin is the name of the point (0, 0) on a co-ordinate plane where the graph is drawn. A graph may or may not pass through the origin (0, 0), but even if it does, (0,0) is still not the 'origin of the graph' because of the simple fact that the origin of a graph is undefined.

What are the parts of a graph?

The Parts of a Graph. A graph is used to plot points, lines and curves. The most common type of graph has 2 axes at right angles to each other. For example, a Cartesian coordinate graph has an x-axis and a y-axis. The main parts of the graph are: The x-axis.

What is historical data?

Historical data, in a broad context, is collected data about past events and circumstances pertaining to a particular subject. By definition, historical data includes most data generated either manually or automatically within an enterprise.

What is an example of a graph?

The definition of a graph is a diagram showing the relationships between two or more things. An example of graph is a pie chart.

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