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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canada's gun store?

Canada's Gun Store (CGS) is probably, arguably, the most personable, comfortable, and light-hearted gun shop online, serving licensed Canadian gunnies from coast to coast. With us, you can always shoot for more. Visit the online gun store to stock and load for your shooting hobbies, adventures, and sports. From Eh to Zed, we ship Canada-wide.

What magazine accessories are available?

As you shop, keep in mind our magazine accessories also include magazine speed loaders. Top Gun Supply stocks some of the best known firearms magazines on the market today. The latest in factory original Glock magazines are manufactured with a hardened steel insert covered in advanced materials.

What is the best 1911 detachable magazine?

LEGACY HOWA 1500 .223 Rem 10 RND DETACHABLE MAGAZI ... 1911 19-9 Magazine, 9mm, Steel, Aluminum Match Bas ... Browning X-Bolt Magazine, Long Action Magnum, Item ... Bear Arms AS46 Detachable Box Magazine, 12 Gauge, ... Winchester XPR Magazine Short Action Standard Cart ... LEGACY - REM 700 6.5 CREED 5RND DETACHABLE MAGAZIN ...

What are the best magazines to buy?

Sako - A7/M Magazine, 300WIN, 3RND, Black, Item #S ... SAKO - 85-XS Magazine, 223REM, 4RND, Stainless, It ... TIKKA - T3 Magazine, 22-250, 3RD, Black, Item #S58 ... Butler Creek - Baby UpLula, Loader & Unloader, ... SAKO - 85/M Finnlight Magazine, 6.5X55, 5RND light ... Tikka - T1x Magazine .22LR, 10 Round Capacity, Ite ...

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