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Frequently Asked Questions

How many guesses have you made on guess the pin?

We launched Guess the Pin one week ago, and we’re excited to have already received more than 300,000 guesses from 1,500 unique visitors during the first seven days. That makes for some easy math with a surprising result: on average, each unique visitor made 20 guesses.

How many times has the current PIN been incorrectly guessed?

The current PIN has been incorrectly guessed 6,994 times in the last 14 hours and 24 minutes.

Why is guess the pin traffic distribution so uneven?

The answer is in how Guess the PIN receives traffic, which at the moment, is almost entirely from our friends at Bored Button, and thus an uneven distribution. In other words, it’s possible (and indeed, very likely) that the randomness of traffic from Bored Button resulted in far more visitors to the site while 3718 was active than while 3368 was.

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