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Frequently Asked Questions

How is gross receipts taxed in Guam?

businesses and other activities in Guam measured by the application of rates against values, gross proceeds of sales or gross income as the case may be. Under this local law, you are required to fie a monthly or a quarterly Gross Receipts Tax Return based on the period the income was received or accrued (depending on your accounting method).

How do I get a tax extension in Guam?

Use Application for Auto. Extension of Time Application for Auto. Extension of Time All other payments will be for outstanding bills (such as GRT and Income Tax receivables). The balance due will be looked up for you, so for your privacy and security, you will need a personal identification number (PIN).

How can I pay my GRT balance in guamtax?

How can I pay? You can pay your balance due in GuamTax immediately after filing. On the GRT filed success/confirmation page, simply click on the Pay It Now link. You can also go into your GRT filing history and use the Pay option there.

How do I contact the government of Guam?

For more information, please call our Admin Office at 475-4686, 475-4616, or email us at [email protected] The Government of Guam may offer Competitive benefit packages, which includes Retirement (Defined contribution Plan 401 and 457), Health Insurance Plans, Cafeteria Plan, Annual and Sick leave, Paid Holidays and Life Insurance.

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