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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my green card priority date is reached?

Once the final action date in your green card preference level and chargeability area reaches your priority date, your priority date will be considered “current,” and you will be able to adjust your status or go through consular processing to obtain your green card.

What is the green card prediction tool?

This green card prediction tool is free to use. This tool is useful for estimating your green card approval date. The tool is meant only for employment-based green card applicants who have already filed their employment-based I-485 applications with USCIS and are curious to know when their I-485 applications might be processed.

How do I estimate my green card date?

Estimate My Green Card Date 1 Visit the My Green Card Estimate App here. 2 Enter your country of birth and employment-based GC category. You can leave the options as default. 3 Click the ‘ Estimate My GC Date ‘ button and see the visa bulletin that may get you the Green card.

What are the final action dates for green card applications?

Final action dates are based on the green card category and the chargeability area—your country of origin. Therefore, the final action dates are constantly changing based on how many people from each chargeability area have petitioned for that particular green card.

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