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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gothic painting?

Gothic Paintings. Gothic art began in the 12th century, and it reached its zenith with the creation of cathedrals like Notre Dame. The word gothic has also come to be associated with a dark, macabre aesthetic sensibility. Our selection of Gothic paintings ranges from illustrations of Gothic architecture to images of witches and graveyards.

Is Gothic art secular?

Much of Gothic art is Christian in nature; however, during this period secular art emerged and began to flourish. Gothic art began in the 12th century AD and evolved out of the Romanesque style. Based on the victory of the Goths over Roman several hundred years earlier, the name was intended derogatorily at first.

How did Gothic art spread throughout Europe?

Spreading quickly throughout Western Europe and much of Central, Northern, and Southern Europe as well, Gothic art demonstrated the style’s immediate popularity upon its arrival. The main artform to come from this period of art was Gothic architecture, which developed alongside the progression of general Gothic artwork.

Where did Gothic architecture originate?

To understand this, let us discuss the origins of Gothic architecture. Architecture was the main artistic style during the Gothic period. It originated in France, more within the Île-de-France (“Isle of France”) region, during the 12 th Century and developed throughout Europe until the 16 th Century.

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