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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Google Slides mean?

Answer Wiki. Google Slides is a presentation editor in the Google Docs and Drive productivity suite. Google Slides are presented in a linear fashion, where slides appear in order (unless links or other transitions are added). It affords real time collaboration between editors as well as different options for sharing the presentations.

What is a Google Slides template?

Google Slides Themes for Free – The General Purpose Google Slides Template is a generic presentation bundle that includes 50 professional design slides. Each slides is created under the same Google Slides Themes, available through the Google Slides Master. Each shape is created as vectors.

What is Google Docs slide?

Google Docs is the web-based editing program that allows users to create, share and edit documents through a secure networked system. There are also offshoots called Google Sheets and Google Slides that allow users to create spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

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