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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you video chat on Google?

Click on the name of a contact with whom you wish to have a video chat. If they don’t have the camera icon beside their name, click to open a chat and then click the “Options” button in the chat window. Select “Invite to Video Call.” That person is sent an invitation to download the Google voice and video plugin.

How do you chat on Google Drive?

At the Google Drive Help pages, choose Contact Us in the upper right Contact Us link at Google Drive Help. Choose one of the two middle Google Drive options Contact Us options. The middle two will reveal the Chat or Phone buttons. Choose Chat and have fun talking with real Google people.

Can Google Slides open PowerPoint?

You can scroll through the slides without launching the PowerPoint in Office or in Google Drive. Notice down in the bottom right is a blue button to “Open With.” Choose to open with “Google Slides.” This will create a copy of the PowerPoint and convert it to Google Slides presentation.

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