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Frequently Asked Questions

What is trending in Google Trends?

Google Trends search trends feature that shows how frequently a given search term is entered into Google's search engine relative to the site's total search volume over a given period of time. With the tool, you can observe whether a trend is on the rise or declining.

What does Google Trends measure?

Trends data is an unbiased sample of our Google search data. It’s anonymized (no one is personally identified), categorized (determining the topic for a search query) and aggregated (grouped together). This allows us to measure interest in a particular topic across search, from around the globe, right down to city-level geography.

What is the most popular search?

Google is the Most Popular Search Engine in the World. According to new numbers from a global search survey conducted by comScore, Google is the most popular search engine in the world. In fact, Google handles roughly 60% of world wide search.

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