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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Google as a search engine?

Installing Google Toolbar Search for "Google Toolbar" using a reliable search engine. Click on "Install Google Toolbar" from the results. Click on "Accept and Download" to download the installer. Run the installer to install Google Toolbar. Restart Internet Explorer.

How do I create a Google search engine?

To get started, head over to the Google Custom Search Engine page and click the Create a custom search engine button. You’ll need a Google account for this – the search engine will be saved with your Google account. Enter a name and description for your search engine – these can be anything you like.

How do I Find my Search Engine?

Find the search box in the upper right-hand corner. Click the downward pointing arrow, and choose "Manage Search Providers.". Select the search engine you'd like to use, and click on "set as default". Find the search box in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the downward pointing arrow.

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