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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the nurses agree to participate in the study?

The nurses agreed to participate because they felt it was an important and timely study that could enhance the safety and quality care of patients in Ghanaian hospitals. A summary of participants' demographic data is presented in Table ​Table11.

What are the challenges faced by nursing students in clinical education?

Long-term experience (20–30 years) of researchers in clinical education of nursing students also shows that nursing students undergo a lot of changes after entering clinical setting, causing mental and psychological problems, lack of motivation, and the decision to leave the profession.

Does Advanced Nursing Practice have an impact across countries?

However, a review of the impact of advance nursing practice across countries is still valuable. A limitation in all studies is the poor definition and description of the scope of advanced nursing practice. In addition, preparatory training for nurses to assume advanced practice was rarely discussed.

How many journals are there in iHealth source nursing?

Health Source, Nursing/Academic Edition provides nearly 550 scholarly full text journals, including nearly 450 peer-reviewed journals focusing on many medical disciplines. Also featured are abstracts and indexing for nearly 850 journals. Coverage of nursing and allied health is particularly strong.

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