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Frequently Asked Questions

What is agroforestry and why is it important?

Simply defined, agroforestry is the intentional integration of woody vegetation, such as trees and shrubs, with crops and/or livestock simultaneously or sequentially on a land management unit.

What is agagroforestry research?

Agroforestry research began with the study of the existing traditional practices of local populations, which formed the basis for conducting more rigorous experimental research [ 22 ].

How can agroforestry address environmental and social concerns?

As agroforestry research developed, researchers found a high potential for agroforestry to address many current environmental and social concerns, such as climate change and food security [ 22 ].

Does agroforestry have a place in Hics?

This study therefore aims to assemble the research showing the impacts of agroforestry practices and interventions in HICs to provide an evidence map of the literature to aid researchers and policy-makers in developing strategies for future research initiatives and policy formation.

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