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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download Google Play Store app?

A direct way to download Google Play Store for PC is to get it through the web extension for Chrome. The said Play store can be accessed through the Web Store – a place where Google has its online store of different web applications for Google Apps and Google Chrome.

How do I install the Play Store app?

Install Google Play Store using a computerDownload a third-party file manager app, if you don't have one - FX File Explorer, for example. ...Using the browser on your computer, go to XDA Developers forum or APK Mirror to download the APK for the latest version of the Play Store.Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and copy the APK over to your Android device.More items...

Can Google Play Store be downloaded to Windows 10?

Can Google Play store be downloaded to Windows 10 Play store within that as well as any Android apps you may own or want to download. downloaded to Windows Source: Windows Central. After you complete the steps, the file manager application will install on Windows Download WSA. The process to run Android apps from the Google Play Store requires.

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