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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Google's data come from?

In her screenshot of the conversation, Bard responds that its dataset "comes from a variety of sources," one of which is "Google's internal data," including data from Gmail.

How much is the Google Cloud market worth?

Google Cloud regions of Milan and Turin could generate a new market that could be valued around 1.90 billion euros ($2.07 billion) in a three-year period through 2025, Google said in the blog, citing data from an independent study.

Is Google's security flaws serious?

In a statement, Google noted that they would not reveal any details about the security flaws until it's certain that the majority of users have upgraded their web browser, but it's clearly serious so don't delay in making sure your PC is up to date.

Is Google's slow movement a sign of a future for AI?

That frustration over Google's slow movement has been corroborated by other former Google researchers who spoke to Insider. One former employee said that at such an exciting time for AI, startups offer the opportunity for researchers to have more ownership over their work and possibly make a greater impact.

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