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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Google Admin Console?

This article is for people who manage Google services or devices for a company, school, or group. If you're using a personal ( account, go to the Google Account Help Center. If you have access to an administrator (or admin) account, you can sign in to the Google Admin console.

What is Google Admin?

The Google Admin app for Android or iOS lets administrators manage their account on the go. Add users, reset passwords, view audit logs, contact support, and more. How do I sign in to my Admin console? You can access your Admin console at Enter your email address and password to sign in, and the console appears.

How do I access Google my Maps?

Sign in to your Google Admin console . Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in In the Admin console, go to Menu Apps Additional Google services. Click Google My Maps. Tip: Scroll to see all services. Or at the left, choose a Filter to narrow the list, for example, based on status or popularity.

How do I control who uses Google my Maps?

Turn My Maps on or off As an administrator of your organization's Google Accounts you can control who uses Google My Maps. Just turn the service on or off for those users in your Admin console. Users who have My Maps turned on can use it to create and share custom maps from their account.

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