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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find cheap flights to Japan?

A good strategy for finding cheap fares is to be flexible with your dates. Begin with searching for your flight to Japan, then click on the “flexible dates” link for a list of prices for nearby days. Want another tip? Book well ahead.

How does Google Flights work for booking flights?

Google Flights shows you roundtrip prices including taxes and will tell you about any extra fees for luggage. Once you select a flight, you can choose to book with the airline or with an OTA; you don’t book through Google Flights.

How do I find the cheapest flights on Google?

To find the absolute lowest prices, we recommend starting your search on Google Flights so you can cast a wider net in terms of dates and destinations. Once you’ve selected a specific itinerary, do another search on a site like Momondo or Skyscanner to see if you can find the same flight at a cheaper price. Are all airlines on Google Flights?

What is Google Flights “ghosting”?

On occasion, Google Flights will initially tell you a cheap fare is available, but when you try to book the ticket, the fare either jumps in price or is unable to be booked altogether. We refer to this as “ghosting.” When Google Flights gives you booking options, the only available way to get the promised low price is to call the airline

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