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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Earth time lapse?

Google Earth Time Lapse is a feature of Earth Engine, a tool to organize geospatial information and make it available for analysis. The engine is free for research, education, and nonprofit use. For commercial applications, Google offers paid commercial licenses for appropriate use cases.

How do you make a time lapse video?

Configure your camera’s Time Lapse Video options: With the camera on, in VIDEO mode, press the SETTINGS/TAG button on the side of the camera. Press the top SHUTTER button once, to cycle from VIDEO to T LAPSE VID. Press the front MODE button once to highlight the INTERVAL SETTING.

What is time lapse?

Time-lapse is where a camera takes a sequence of images of a subject with an interval of time between each image. The interval can be anything from less than a second to a day or more.

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