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Frequently Asked Questions

How to sync Google Drive with a shared folder?

1. Tap the Backup and Sync icon at the system tray, and tap the three dots icon (More icon), select Preferences. 2. Tap Google Drive tab on the left side, then tick Sync My Drive to this computer option. And choose Sync everything in My Drive, or Sync only these folders to sync the shared files from My Drive to the computer.

How do you access a shared Google Drive folder?

And the most important thing is that Google Drive for desktop allows you to easily use Shared Drives (Team Drives) on your PC by adding the corresponding Google Workspace or Google Workspace for Education account to the app. After adding an account, you can access Google Shared Drive directly from the file explorer of your computer.

How to backup Google Drive?

Click on the Manage your Google Account button. Now, choose the Data & Privacy tab from the sidebar. Scroll Down and click on the Download Your Data option. You will direct to the Google Takeout page. Select Google data to backup and press Next Step. Choose the file type, frequency, and destination for the backup.

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