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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Search Console?

Search Console used to be called Webmaster Tools but has since been rebranded. It’s functions as a free tool to let business owners, marketers, and webmasters understand how their site is appearing in the Google search index as well as to give them resources for maintaining a healthy site and for fixing issues as they appear.

Can I upload a sitemap to Google?

You cannot actually upload a sitemap to Google. You must have owner permissions for a property in order to submit a sitemap using the Sitemaps report. If you don't have owner permissions, you can instead reference it from your robots.txt file.

Does Wix automatically submit sitemaps to Google?

When you connect your site to Google Search Console using the Wix SEO Wiz, Wix automatically submits your sitemap to Google. When you make changes to your site, your sitemap will be automatically updated with the changes. There's no need to submit your sitemap to Google again.

How do I create a sitemap for an ecommerce website?

You create a sitemap for an ecommerce website in the same way as you would for any site. That said, it’s worth checking for duplicate and near-duplicate pages on ecommerce sites as these often slip through the net at grand scale thanks to the joys of faceted navigation.

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