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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a customizable Google Places autocomplete component for React-Native apps?

Customizable Google Places autocomplete component for iOS and Android React-Native apps Version 2 of this library is now available. See more in the releases section. We are in need of more people or companies willing to help. If you have enough time and knowledge, and want to become a maintainer, please open a new issue.

How to make Google Autocomplete work nicely with any design?

Using render props to make google autocomplete work nicely with any design. optional - A grouping of places to which you would like to restrict your results. optional - The distance (in meters) within which to return place results. optional - The latitude.

How to install Google Places autocomplete in NPM?

npm install react-native-google-places-autocomplete The version I used is 1.4.0. Now in your project folder create a file : AddAddress.tsx ( You can go ahead with any name or extension as per the guidelines in your project. You might have to format the code at some points if you are using Javascript. AddAddress.tsx

How does the place autocomplete API work?

We use the Place Autocomplete API to get suggestions as you type. When you click on a suggestion, we use the Place Details API to get more information about the place.

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