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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gogoanime a safe website?

There are few complaints about security issues on Gogoanime. It is a safe place to enjoy anime free in most occasions. Gogoanime is a safe and free anime streaming website on the premise you visit the real links and are careful to avoid pop-ups and malware.

Which is the real gogoanime?

Thus, which are the real Gogoanime websites? On the basis of the generally accepted answer and our actual investigation, we think that there are two real Gogoanime websites: and They share exactly the same interface and collection, along with synchronous updates.

Is gogoanime illegal?

Gogoanime downloads the content from the official websites without their consent and uploads it on its server for free download or online streaming, making it illegal and banned in many countries. But to stay safe, Gogoanime plays smart and keeps changing its URL, making it difficult for authorities to remove the site from the web.

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