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Frequently Asked Questions

How many magazines does a Glock 17 come with?

The Glock pistol magazine well is the same for all Glock 17 pistols, and so its standard magazine holds 17 rounds. But off-the-shelf magazines go from 10 rounds (to satisfy the law in some jurisdictions) to 30 rounds. The 30 round magazines stick out quite a bit and are really awkward.

How much does a Glock 17 cost?

With a full size frame and barrel length, the Glock 17 really handles well for most people. If you’re accustomed to shooting compact, single-stack firearms, the G17 will feel like a staple gun. Not exactly – but you get the idea. Specifications: Glock 17 Gen-5. Cost: $560; Caliber: 9mm; Overall Length: 7.95″ Height: 5.47″ Width: 1.34″

Does a Glock 17 Mag fit a Glock 19?

These factory original, drop-free magazines fit your Glock double stack 9mm pistol, for instance the Glock 17, 19 and 26. Fits all generations. Should work with any aftermarket firearms that use Glock pattern double-stack 9mm magazines as well. These Glock magazines have a hardened steel insert encased in high tech polymer.

Do Glock 17 Mags fit 19?

With the grip chop on the 17 they both take 19 mags. So usually carry with a g19 and two spare 17 rnders. But for training and range stuff I just use what ever I grab. Mostly by model due to multiple calibers. Some will work with calibers other than what they are labeled for but I just don't like to do it.

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