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Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop glaucoma from getting worse?

Eye pressure can be lowered with medications, laser procedures and surgeries. Most people with glaucoma and those at high risk of developing glaucoma will use medications at some point to lower eye pressure in order to prevent the disease from getting worse.

Can glaucoma be cured by operation or surgery?

It's important to note that glaucoma cannot be cured , so surgery is often needed. Surgery results are long-lasting, but not permanent. New technology and innovation in medicine have also lowered glaucoma surgery risks. There are different surgery options used to help control glaucoma.

How is glaucoma diagnosed and treated?

Once the glaucoma diagnosis is made either by optic nerve examination or visual field testing, treatment is initiated. Today the only treatments available are those which lower the intraocular pressure. Lowering eye pressure can be accomplished using medicines, laser, or surgery. Treatment needs to be carried out for life.

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