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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score?

Glasgow Alcoholic Hepatitis Score (GAHS): Range: 5 to 12. There is a marked rise in mortality when the score is greater than or equal to 9.

What are the different scoring systems for alcoholic hepatitis?

The MDF score is a commonly used scoring tool. The model for end-stage liver disease (MELD) score is another commonly used tool. Some of the other scoring systems include: Glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score (GAHS)

Do corticosteroid therapy for alcoholic hepatitis benefit patients with low GAHS?

The current study indicates that patients with a low GAHS do not appear to benefit from corticosteroids. Previous trials and meta-analyses of corticosteroid therapy in alcoholic hepatitis have given apparently contradictory results.

What is the prognosis of alcoholic hepatitis?

Patients with a GAHS greater than or equal to 9 have an extremely poor prognosis if they are not treated with corticosteroids, or if such treatment is contraindicated. Alcoholic hepatitis is an increasingly common reason for hospital admission, and patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis are recognised to have a high short-term mortality.

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