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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cat have a reaction to insulin?

Yes, it is possible for a cat to become intolerant of their insulin. I've known of cats get allergic reactions, and also know of cats for whom the insulin simply ceased to work. But these incidences seem to be fairly unusual occurrences. Jan 4, 2013

Are there alternatives to insulin for a diabetic cat?

“There is no ‘natural’ replacement for insulin. However, insulin itself is a naturally occurring hormone, and in cats who need it, we are just technically replacing what is lacking,” says Koble. “Other natural supplements that are marketed for diabetes just help support the overall health of the cat but they don't treat the disease directly.”

How much does cat insulin cost?

What Is The Cost Of Cat Insulin? Insulin injections are the standard in treating and managing diabetes in cats. Many cats with diabetes will require $50 to $60 of insulin every 40 days. A cat with mild diabetes may need less insulin and average closer to $20 to $30 every 40 days.

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