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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the colour of chromium (III) chloride?

In the presence of chloride ions (for example with chromium (III) chloride), the most commonly observed colour is green. This happens when two of the water molecules are replaced by chloride ions to give the tetraaquadichlorochromium (III) ion - [Cr (H 2 O) 4 Cl 2] +.

What is the simplest ion that chromium forms in solution?

The simplest ion that chromium forms in solution is the hexaaquachromium (III) ion - [Cr (H 2 O) 6] 3+. The acidity of the hexaaqua ions In common with the other 3+ ions, the hexaaquachromium (III) ion is fairly acidic - with a pH for typical solutions in the 2 - 3 range. The ion reacts with water molecules in the solution.

What is the synonym of chromium (III)?

Chromium (III) PubChem CID 27668 Structure Find Similar Structures Molecular Formula Cr+3 Synonyms Chromium (III) Chromic ion chromium (3+) ... Molecular Weight 51.996 2 more rows ...

What is the oxidation of chromium?

The oxidation of chromium (III) to chromium (VI) An excess of sodium hydroxide solution is added to a solution of the hexaaquachromium (III) ions to produce a solution of green hexahydroxochromate (III) ions. This is then oxidised by warming it with hydrogen peroxide solution.

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