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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is available in the Genesis parent/student portal?

The Genesis Parent/Student Portal tool is a safe, secure way to view your child’s school record for the current school year. If your school district chooses, you may have access to the following information: Your children’s Marking Period, Exam and Final Grades Your child or children’s Report Cards

How do I create an account to access my student's Genesis information?

How do I create an account to access my student's Genesis information? If you have provided your child's school main office with an email address, then you will receive a Genesis system generated email with your username (email address provided) and password.

What is gengenesis student access?

Genesis Student Access is a component of Genesis — our student information system for grades 6 – 12. It allows us to provide you with a safe and secure way to view academic information via the Internet. Through Genesis you will have access to the following information:

How do I access my child's attendance records for Genesis?

We have updated our links for Genesis. If you have them bookmarked, please use the links below. PARENTS - If you haven’t signed up for a Parent Portal Account yet, please click here. The Parent Portal allows you to access your child’s attendance and grades from your computer, as well as communicate with the teacher!

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