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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GDPR mean for businesses outside Europe?

The GDPR does apply outside Europe. The whole point of the GDPR is to protect data belonging to EU citizens and residents. The law, therefore, applies to organizations that handle such data whether they are EU-based organizations or not, known as “extra-territorial effect.”. The GDPR spells out in Article 3 the territorial scope of the law: 1.

What are the 7 principles of GDPR?

Lawfulness, fairness and transparencyPurpose limitationData minimisationAccuracyStorage limitationIntegrity and confidentiality (security)Accountability

What is Europe's GDPR privacy law means to you?

By standardizing data protection laws across the entirety of the EU, the GDPR will reportedly:improve the privacy and data rights of all EU residentshelp those residents understand their personal data useaddress personal data exportation outside the EUprovide regulatory authorities with better powers to act against companies or organizations who do breach the new regulationsMore items...

Will GDPR actually protect EU citizens?

GDPR is not expressly concerned with an individual’s status as an EU resident. GDPR protects someone who lives in or visits an EU region. If an American travels to France, make a transaction in a shop, and are asked to include their name and address on an invoice, the shop must protect their information per GDPR requirements.

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