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Who is the best teacher who makes funny teacher videos?

Gerry Brooks is another one of those folks who make a lot of funny teacher videos. As a principal, he really hits it on the head with this “teacher rewards system.” 6. Teachers Tell Their Worst Horror Stories Here’s another roundup of teacher horror stories, from teachers of all ages and grades. (Warning: more puke stories ahead.) 7.

Why did this teacher spoof The song ‘This school’?

Teachers in Union Grove, Wisconsin spoofed the song, "This School," to show students how great it really is to be back. Gun violence: An American epidemic? Border crisis: What’s happening at the US-Mexico border?

Is back to school exhausting for the kids?

Back to school isn’t only exhausting for the kids. If these back to school memes are getting to you, check out these mom memes that will make you double over with laughter. I didn’t even know how to do this when I was the student. May the odds be ever in your favor. Nothing like a new pair of kicks. Back to school or the apocalypse? PB & J again?

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