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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any back-to-school memes for teachers?

Take a deep breath, because we have back-to-school memes for teachers to help get you through this. May these inspire you, make you laugh, and remind you that the weekend is always around the corner! Thanks for doing what you do for another year!

What are some good memes about school supplies?

Some days it’s more like herding cats.” 22) There goes my day… “When the copier stops working, teachers be like…” 23) That would help. “If ya wanted a grade, ya shoulda put ya name on it.” 24) Gotta love school supplies…and elementary teacher memes. “I’ve already spent too much on school supplies…Oh, look! School supplies!”

What are some good memes for English teachers?

13) Teachers can read ANYTHING. “If you can read this, thank a teacher. ef yoo kan rid ths, you probably are a teacher.” 14) I feel your pain. “My face after I just finish giving directions and a student asks me what to do.” 15) Gotta love English teacher memes! “Staff meeting canceled.” 16) Following directions with English teacher memes.

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