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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any funny signs in church?

Even if the funny thing you’re laughing at was written by your pastor. Funny church signs are for everyone, not merely the pious and penitent. If you’re alone and anxious and looking for the answers to life’s big questions, these signs will not help. But, they will probably make you smile.

Are there any churches with no spell check for signs?

The Faith Community Church could probably find a better location for its advertisements. The Meadow Land Baptist Church learned there’s no spell check for signs. Some missing letters are better than others, as the First Congregational Methodist Church learned with this blooper. These funny signs pack a ton of ’tude.

Is it a sin to laugh at church signs?

The following 10 signs are so clever and funny – it would be a sin not to laugh at them. 1. Summing it up It would take a bit of work to change the message on a church sign, so if it’s hot outside – surely no one wants to do it. This church figured out a hilarious way to get their point across and save effort.

What do the signs out front of churches mean?

If you need proof of it, the signs below will leave you in stitches. Usually, if a church has a sign out front, it might be used for giving details about upcoming services, events, and things of that nature. Then there are others who use theirs to catch people’s attention in a comical way.

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