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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add scenery to my FSX flight?

Microsoft FSX has a wide range of scenery you can download to add variety to your flights. It’s easy to install. This tutorial will give you the basic steps. The Pensacola Naval Air Station is home to the world famous Blue Angels. The Pensacola NAS Addon Scenery pack will be used in these instructions. You can download it here:

How do I install scenery?

Just install your freeware scenery anywhere on your HDD (do not install it in the P3D/Addon Manager folder). The scenery should have a ReadMe on how to install the scenery but, in the event it is missing, you should have a folder with the name of your scenery such as KLXP. Inside that folder you will have folders named Scenery and Texture.

How do I add scenery to P3D?

Once Scenery Library is open, click on Add Area (to Add Scenery). Go to the directory where you installed the freeware scenery such as KLXP. Click on KLXP and add it to your scenery library. Once completed, you should see P3D loading the new scenery.

How do I add a new area to my scenery library?

Click on the SCENERY LIBRARY button. Click on the ADD AREA button. If you are using Flight Simulator X, then browse to where Flight Simulator X is installed on your hard drive.

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