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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some French words that start with C?

cajole, calm , calmative, calming, calmly , calmness, campaigner, can, candescent , candidly , can-do , candor, cannily , canny , canty, capability, capable, capably , capital , captain , captivate, captivating , captivatingly , care , cared for , carefree , carefreeness, careful , carefully, carefulness, carelessness, caress, caretaker, caring, …

What are some cute French names?

some unique french names to name your baby boy can be warrane or the game warden, bailey the fortification or bailiff, wyatt or wiatt the guide, bellamy the handsome buddy, bernard the brave and bear-like, bell or handsome, bruce from brys, corbett or raven-haired, dillon or dylan meaning lion-like, denis or dennis of the dionysus, dix or number …

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