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Frequently Asked Questions

How much free photo storage is available on Amazon Prime?

It provides web, desktop and mobile access to all of your photos. With your Prime membership, you get unlimited photo storage and 5GB of video storage. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, sign up for free.

Is Amazon Prime Photos free?

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get Amazon Prime Photos for free. There’s no additional cost to you. You can upgrade your plan if you want to increase your video storage. Once per year, Amazon has Amazon Prime Day which has some of the best deals all year around.

What devices is Amazon Prime Photos compatible with?

Amazon Photos: Amazon Photos offers unlimited, full-resolution photo storage, plus 5 GB video storage for Prime members. All other customers get 5 GB photo and video storage. Securely store, print, and share your favorite photos from the Amazon Photos app. Keep your memories close at hand on devices like Fire TV, Echo Show, and Amazon Fire tablets.

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