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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best foundation for oily skin?

When choosing your foundation for oily skin, always work with something mattifying. Use a primer like La Base Pro or a hydrating matte cream as a first step. Always prefer fluid rather than cream or gel, which can be nice and refreshing. It’s better for that matte while creams can be too rich and intense for oily skin. Avoid all “satiné” finishes!

How to apply makeup on oily skin?

Like all other skin types, you should wash, cleanse, dry, and moisturize your face before starting any makeup application. Oily skin can also benefit from a primer applied to skin that will work to control excess oil production and help foundation cling to skin smoothly.

How do you get matte foundation on your face?

Blot any oily areas on your skin. Start by blotting any oily patches or spots on your skin. This may be mostly in your T-zone area, such as your forehead, nose, and chin. Removing any oily spots before you apply the foundation will ensure it goes on smooth and appears matte on your skin. [8]

How do you cover up oily spots on your face?

You can also mask any oily areas on your skin by applying a translucent setting powder after you have applied foundation. Go for a translucent setting powder, rather than a radiant or shiny powder, as this will help to cover up any oily spots. Use a makeup brush to dab the powder on any oily areas.

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